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Coleraine Mini Rugby Club



Welcome to Coleraine Rugby Clubs Mini Section. Last season we registered over 150 children from P2 – P7 age ranges and we anticipate a similar number of players this year.  The Mini Section is enormously grateful to the parents and guardians of our young members who underpin the Mini Section especially so during the winter months.

We are also extremely appreciative of McClarty’s Insurance support of our Mini Section; much of what we deliver is only made possible by this sponsorship.

Please Note: It is compulsory that all players wear the McClartys Insurance kit.


Mini Events

  • Training: 13/02/2016 Coleraine
  • Away vs Ballymena: 20/02/2016 Coleraine
  • Away vs Rainey: 27/02/2016 Coleraine
  • Training: 05/03/2016 Coleraine
  • P7 Willowpark: 05/03/2016 Coleraine
  • Away vs Carrick: 12/03/2016 Coleraine
  • Home vs Derry: 12/03/2016 Coleraine
  • Training: 02/04/2016 Coleraine
  • Randalstown Festival: 09/04/2016 Coleraine
  • Coleraine Festival: 16/04/2016 Coleraine
  • Training + P7 Tour: 23/04/2016 Coleraine
  • Ballymena Festival: 30/04/2016 Coleraine